The castle park

It occupies an area of nearly 40 ha. The park is accessible freely from the city. Two ponds dominates the lower part of the park and walking paths lead around them. The upper part is dominated by three buildings.


It was originally a Renaissance garden established in the manner of Italian Renaissance gardens in 1550.  In 1880, it was rebuilt into an English park; in 1905, it was converted into a landscaped park.


It used to be a Gothic watchtower and it was rebuilt into an observation tower. Entry is at your own risk.

Loreto Chapel

It is probably the first building of its kind in the country. It was established at the instigation of Maximilian Trauttmansdorff in the middle of the 17th century. Unfortunately,  the chapel is in a state of disrepair today and entry is at your own risk.

Summer House

Formerly, it was called the Widow's House because it was built for Elizabeth of Rogendorf, the third wife of John the Younger Popel of Lobkowicz. The Summer House is located closely to the castle, and in the 20th century, served as a Regional History Museum, which was running until 1993. Today, the exhibits are deposited in the castle and they form an integral part of the Burgravery palace exposition. Entry to the Summer House is forbidden.