Plan your visit

We ask visitors not to leave the guided tour, not to be far from the guide, and follow his instructions. It is forbidden to touch the exhibits, paint on the walls or damage a national cultural heritage in other way.

In all guided tours it is allowed to photograph (without flash, camera tripod and selfies sticks) and make movies for free.

Useful informations


It is possible to park in the square in front of the castle. But this parking is chargeable.


Wheelchair accessible is only at the main courtyard and public toilets with a little help. Barrier-free toilet is included in the building plan. If a disabled person would like to attend a guided tour, the help of a person is needed.


It is forbidden for a pet to attend a guided tour. The only exception: small pets carrying in a bag or basket or holding in arms. But approval of other visitors in the guided tour is needed.


Due to safety, it is forbidden to enter the castle with a bicycle, cyclists have to keep a bicycle in the bicycle stand next to the main gate of the castle.

Child facilities

The castle grounds has no facilities for children (such as children's nook or playroom).


Near the castle there are restaurants and cafes where it is possible to have some refreshment (cakes, ice cream, lunch, etc.)