All Saints' Church in Horšov

All Saints' Church in Horšov is ranked among the most significant and precious ecclesiastical buildings in western Bohemia.

The first written mention about Horšov is dated back to 1182-1192. The local settlement with the fort served then as an important administrative centre of the whole area. All Saints' church was founded at that time but only parts of west and south walls have been preserved up today.

In the sixties of the 14th century, a pentagonal ended presbytery vaulted by groin vault with an outer supporting system was added on; the interior was decorated by murals representing evangelical symbols and figures of All Saints. This appearance has been retained up today. According to the results of a dendrochronological dating, the unique roof frame is dated back to 1363, thereby ranking among the oldest constructions of this kind in Bohemia. A short time after the finished Gothic reconstruction the chapel of St. Barbara was add on to the south wall of the presbytery. According to date in murals, the original paintings of the interior were repainted by murals picturing the life of St. Barbara in 1489. At the beginning of the 16th century, a church tower with the contemporary bell was added on.

The last large-scale rebuilding of the church prior to 1745 had no crucial impact on the building appearance but the interior took considerable changes. The two-storey tribune was built into and nave windows were adjusted. The valuable and stylistically homogenous furnishings of the church interior date back to the 18th century as well, their authorship being attributed to the workshop led by the sculptor Karel Legát from Pilsen.

In the 1990s, the entirely dilapidated church was taken over by the Institute of Cultural Heritage in Pilsen. With the financial contribution provided by the Czech Ministry of Culture within the Programme of Preserving the Architectural Heritage of the Czech Republic and the Programme of Restoring Movable Cultural Assets, a comprehensive rehabilitation of the church and its valuable furnishings was implemented between 2001 and 2005.



Visits to the church can be arranged by phone with the administration of the State Castle Horšovský Týn. Call the phone number +420 379 423 111 or send an e-mail

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